David Gould’s work includes landscapes  and still lifes, painted directly from observation, and representational and non representational  works in low relief

Landscapes in Italy

These landscapes were painted directly from observation in or near his wife's home village of Gorfigliano in Tuscany. They celebrate the shapes, surfaces, light, colour and atmosphere of the Italian landscape.

Landscapes in Wales

He paints directly from landscape subjects in acrylic and watercolour in the City parks and nearby Valleys of South Wales. These works celebrate the shapes, surfaces, light, colour and atmosphere of the landscape.

Classical reliefs

These images of subjects from classical and other historical sources are manipulated into low relief, then combined with cast paper and sometimes drawn and painted over.

Painted reliefs

In these works, he assembles together fragments from a variety of sources, cast into a detailed low relief surface in oil, acrylic and cast paper, and coloured with watercolour and other media.


These works portray sequences of bathers at the seaside in Italy. They are processed digitally and the images are then manipulated into low relief.

Still life paintings

Most of these paintings are of small groupings of fruit, in direct sunlight, arranged in rows or other simple patterns. Like miniature landscapes, they focus on the characteristic shapes and colours of each piece and grouping of fruit. There are also paintings of ruined, discarded shoes and boots, found by chance, and depicted in oil on paper considerably larger than life size.


These studies of ancient worn-out shoes and industrial workers’ boots portray the corpses of once working footwear–which are visually richer in death than in life-the ghosts of people and times past- and the passing of an age of hardship and heavy industry. The great beauty of very old worn leather and fragments of rusting metal, glowing in warm sunlight, evoke a lifetime of wear, toil and the individuals who once wore them, and perhaps recall the original meaning of nature mort.