Landscapes in Italy

David Gould began painting landscapes in Italy some 30 years ago, and  he takes great delight in landscape and in trying to come to terms with it in painting. He tries to explore the complex encounter between the energies of growth and light, the changing configurations of colour and surface seen in landscape, working through close, prolonged and searching observation, and a gradual, cumulative depiction.

Light, (usually direct and changing sunlight) has always been a dominant element. He chooses very particular states of light, which recur at certain times of the day, and these impose a distinct structure onto my painting routine. He is always fascinated by the ways in which light and shadow spread across a surface, dissolving, concealing, revealing or emphasizing its features. He  usually works in acrylic, building up the work slowly, delicately and gradually over a long period of time, and sometimes in watercolour.