These  works portray sequences of bathers at the seaside in Italy enjoying themselves,  absorbed in the enjoyment of swimming in water and having fun together.

Low relief  is used to try and reinvest the somewhat mechanical and processed character of the digital print with a sense of the three dimensionality and other qualities of colour, texture and surface of the original subject.

Digital techniques are fused with hand-crafted methods, which allows a number of images to be combined together, and  qualities of surface description, such as the depth and transparency of water to be enhanced.

Tiny fragments of changing time and human activity are linked together within an illusory picture space, which seeks to embody depth, light, motion and atmosphere. These works celebrate the minute, inconsequential moments  of commonplace activity.  Repetition and small variations become significant and  are frozen, isolated from the changing flow of time and space which is ensured  by the incessant motion of the sea